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02 – April-May 2021

Welcome back for my second newsletter, I’m happy you are still with me! Thanks for all your responses to the first one.

Same thing as last time, if you can help me, know a nice place or have any other feedback, please reply to this email!

April – May: Xirocourt – Saint Étienne – Ardèche – Haute Loire
Currently: La Garde-Guérin

Whats next?

– visit another volcanic region, Auvergne, to meet Charlélie. 
– visit Cérilly for material testing, to prepare for the residency at Polymorphe Corp.

– 3 weeks chantier participatif (collective construction site) to build outdoor infrastructure for the orchard ‘Verger de Vincent’ in Xirocourt (Association Être Éco Lié). 
sign up for the chantier participatif here!
– 3 weeks residency at Polymorphe Corp. We’ll construct a bread oven from rammed earth (Pisé). 

– 2 weeks chantier participatif in Brussels with the project RECUP TON QUARTIER _ RECUP JE WIJK. We will construct a pizza oven from waste materials on site.

Reach out if you live next to my itinerary and want to meet for a coffee or a workshop. If you don’t live close, send a message and we’ll see when I can pass by.

May / June / July: Auvergne – Haute Loire – Cérilly – Xirocourt – Cérilly – Brussels

Things to share

[Paris] 20 May from 13h place du Châtelet, protest in support of the LEO which is fighting against its expulsion in court that day. If you like to join in, please sign up via mail beforehand: [email protected]
[Paris] sign the petition in support for the LEO:
– [Haute Loire] Les Soulèvements de la Terre (Haute Loire), 22/23/24 May
[music] Music from 1st of May in Saint Étienne: Dominique Grange
[recipe] Brioche de Clémence
[recipe] Pizza dough of the IBM

Ways to support me

– Tell your friends about my journey, and help me meet people who can help me. Share this link to sign up for the newsletter:
– Where can I go next? Do you want to host me?
– If you want, you can give me financial support. You can fund me on Tipee, you’ll get something in exchange:

My Fiat as a mobile atelier

Since I am on the road, I built myself two shelves, a multi-functional chair (= toilet) and a rocket stove for cooking to economise on gas. This rocket stove is the first one in 1,5 years that I built exclusively for myself! (Still broken my gas stove…)
Also, I am working on a small wind generator with hand carved wooden blades and an old hoverboard motor.

Workshop in Saint Etienne

I was invited by students of the M2 ‘design espace’ department at ENSADSE, for a one-day workshop at the Cité du Design in Saint-Étienne. The goal was to build a rocket-stove-bread-oven in one day.
I’m always very excited to do workshops like this. Thank you to all the motivated people and persistent people who collected materials and joined in.

I spent a few days in Saint Étienne, where I met a bunch of kind and engaged people. I’m sure it wasn’t the last time for me to visit.

Volcano landscapes in Ardèche 

Due to ongoing restrictions in France, my residency at Polymorphe got postponed. Instead, I’m discovering the national parks of France. I made my way through the Pilat next to Saint Étienne, and found myself in a beautiful landscape created by volcanos and shaped by glaciers, the Ardèche. I stayed to take a few days off.

Tour à Eau by Gilles Clément 

Two years ago I met Gilles Clément in Paris. Last week I came across his work in Ardèche, almost by accident. It’s a water tower made from solid rock, that collects water on the inside. It is located right next to the source of the Loire river next to the Mont Gerbier de Jonc, exactly on the line separating the streams going either to the Atlantic or to the Mediterranean Sea.

Baking bread in Boussoulet

After meeting her in Saint Étienne, I visited Clémence in Boussoulet, a village located in the low mountains of the Haute Loire departement. She is currently doing a CAP Boulangerie (bakery apprenticeship).
In Boussoulet, every two weeks, she bakes bread together with another baker, Manon.

In this region, even small villages have their own bread oven. They are maintained by the village community and managed as common property. Anyone with “smoke coming out of the chimney 6 months a year” is free to use them. 

The three of us baked 50kg of sourdough bread, 10kg of Brioche and 5kg of Baguette.

La Garde-Guérin 

Next to the medieval village La Garde-Guérin which is located on the top of a huge canyon carved by the Chassezac river, I found a parking with good data reception. From here I am writing this newsletter, and preparing the upcoming workshops, constructions and lectures in June and July. In between I take little hikes down the canyon or over the fields.

Until next time,

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01 – March-April 2021

Hello for the first in a series of newsletters.

I’d like to use this medium as an open channel of communication, to stay in touch, to reach out, to meet, and to discuss. Please reply to this email!

March – April: Scheyern – Paris – Xirocourt
Currently: Xirocourt
Next: St-Étienne – Cérilly (Allier)

In this newsletter

Parking in Paris, a Pizza oven, a wind turbine, a Pirate Radio, a rocket stove, yourts and rain catchers and finally spring in Lorraine

Parking in Paris

It’s virtually impossible to find free parking in Paris. Luckily, there is one place where I am always welcome, located in the suburb of Nanterre. It’s called Vive les Groues, and they were so kind to host me among a vegetable garden, a tree nursery, bees, and a pizza oven.

The Pizza oven at Vive Les Groues

I built a pizza oven there in 2019, since then the oven has been in use every week. It’s a raw clay oven built only from materials we found on-site, with the help of neighbours and volunteers. It was a highlight for me to revisit the oven and use it together with some good friends. 

My wind turbine turns

Last winter during the German lockdown I built a 300W wind turbine with a diameter of 1,5 meters. Now, months later I reassembled it. Now, a piece of Bavarian wood is spinning at 6 meters high in Paris, lighting up Vive Les Groues.
The same day I found enough wood for two more wind turbines. I already started carving blades again. Do you have a place to set up a wind generator, or want to build one? Get in touch.

A pirate radio in Nanterre

Radio Groulag is based in Nanterre, emitting on 107.9 once a week. It’s a more or less improvised mix of talk, sound, and play by Ludo and Lukasz. Super nice to have been there in the studio listening (and speaking one or two words). If you have some amateur radio equipment at home, I’d be interested, get in touch. 

Radio Stasis in Rotterdam

Instagram @movinginstasis

My friend Coline and me had the pleasure to talk for a few minutes on the radio show of Moving in Stasis (Listen from timestamp 00:33:13 here). 
Moving in Stasis is an exhibition organised by the 2020 Master graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam. Have a look at the website of Moving in Stasis, and relisten to all the great people that were part of the Radio Stasis program.

A rocket stove for cooking and heating

Coline and I teamed up for a two weeks residency / workshop at a squat in Pantin (Paris). Our goal was to meet and make, both facing the dilemma of being young design graduates in times of Covid. The LEØ (Laboratoire Ecologique ØDéchet) welcomed us to use their space and facilities. There we built a massive 100kg rocket stove for heating and cooking indoors, from materials exclusively sourced from the building itself.
The full documentation will soon be available on

Due to an ongoing legal process we can not show more pictures at the time.

Check out Coline’s work here:

Spring in Lorrainne

While travelling is still restricted in France I am a guest at the association Être Éco Lié in Xirocourt (East of France). There I am parked in front of the old village school which houses a professional wood workshop, a fablab and a co-working office. The association is connected to the ‘Verger de Vincent’, a young orchard which will become a ‘commestible forest’ and a communal place for all kinds of workshops, constructions and gatherings. If you are interested in gardening, low-tech and community, come visit this place!

A Yurt, a rain catcher and another wind turbine

Pierre-Antoine is one of the core member of Être Éco Lié and an enthusiast for low-tech constructions. With his company iWood he constructs fully dismountable yurts with from ecological quality materials. This week we set up a 12m2 rain catcher in the orchard, completely made from leftovers and packaging of the yurt business. Yesterday, I started carving the blades for another wind generator to be used with my mobile design workshop.

Whats next?

Workshop in St. Étienne with design students. We’ll try to build a bread oven within one day from metal scrap.

3 weeks residency at Polymorphe Corp at a farm in the Département Allier, next to Cérilly. We’ll construct a bread oven from rammed earth (Pisé). Get in touch if you like to pass by or join the chantier participatif.

Reach out if you live next to my itinerary and want to meet for a coffee or a workshop. If you don’t live close, send a message and we’ll see when I can pass by.

Ways to support me

– Tell your friends about my journey, and help me meet DIY and low-tech enthusiasts, tiers-lieus and people who can help me. Send them this link to sign up for the newsletter:

– I am looking for…
     … a dog as a travel companion. Let me know if you hear something.
     … a plumbing or heating specialist to help me fix my gas oven.
     … travel advice and hosts. Where can I go next? Do you want to host me?

– If you want, you can give me financial support. I don’t have a lot of money but I can propose some things to exchange for. You can fund me on tipee:

Until next time, and please write.

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Welcome to Dani’s mailing list

Do you want to be on my mailing list?

I started something new – Since a short time I am living and working in a van (in France). 

Here I’m doing what I can do best – I’m improvising and I keep on moving. On my itinerary I am visiting friends while finding places and people to work and collaborate with. My itinerary will lead me on a tour de France (++) of low-tech communities and projects.

After a bumpy 2020, this is my attempt to get back to move, to meet and to make. I hope to find interesting places, get together with old and new friends and build some cool things on the way.

Looking back (real quick)

Over the past years I was lucky enough to live and work in different countries in Europe, to develop my practice and most importantly to meet great and fascinating people. In 2020 I graduated from the Social Design Master at Design Academy Eindhoven. Since then I am facing the challenges that graduating during a pandemic brings with it.

My work circles around questions of low-tech and community, I’m interested in exploring notions of change and moments of co-creation. For a long time I had asked myself how to translate an idealistic research into action – how do I live what I believe in? And can I sustain myself in doing so? I did something that I like to do – I built myself a tool to figure this out. 

Meet my Fiat Ducato

It surely didn’t all go as smooth as I thought it would. Since September I have the keys for a 25 years old Fiat Ducato in my pocket, one of the bigger responsibilities I took on recently. 5 month of confinement were enough to transform the car into a moving workshop with all sorts of commodities like solar energy, electronic switches, running water, heating and a bread oven. It was a good moment to question myself about the things I really need in life, I was then able to furnish my living space in the way that would suit me best. But more than half of it is actually filled up with tools and materials.

About this mailing list

This is going to be a more or less regular newsletter to stay in touch. If you would like to follow my journey – the places I visit, the things I do, the people I meet – sign up to the mailing list here.

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