07 – December 2021 – April 2022

Hello and bienvenue to my 7th newsletter!

currently: in Tunis

This newsletter marks the first year of my journey.

I have used the past few months to better understand how I do my work. A lot has happened, and it’s not just my projects that have evolved. Pleasure in Scarcity remains at the heart of my work. I try to keep my projects varied and continue to learn new things, try new formats. More about that in upcoming newsletters.

This year I would like to find my own atelier !

Status report:
Kilometre reading (4. April 2022) : 241 033 km
since the beginning (18. March 2021): 10 054 km
since last newsletter (5. December 2021): 1286 km

Most listened music last month:

La Deviation / Marseille

November 2021 – February 2022

My time in Marseille is over for now, but a reunion is already in sight. When I left with my van a year ago, my expressed goal was to find a “reason to stay”. At the Deviation I found just this reason. What I will remember most are my new friends, the evenings in front of the fireplace, the warming winter sun and the slight smell of fuel oil when the sun turns the white rocks yellow in the morning.

A roof for the pizza oven

March 2022, Paris

Clay construction must be protected against moisture to make it durable in the long term. Finishing the roof is the last step in the construction of a kiln. 

This made the kiln of Vive Les Groues in Paris ready for use. The roof structure was made with materials on site and added to an existing roof structure by Corentin Massaux. The kiln was then officially inaugurated on April 2.

Passage to Tunis

26 hours by ferry, storm and tempest, an exciting experience. I was expected by bad-tempered border officials and Ben from El Warcha.

Ciné-vague / Cinima Foug El Me

Swimming cinema on the beach of Tunis/Khereddine, März 2022, Tunis

I was invited by the Tunisian collaborative design studio El Warcha to support them conceptually and technically in a “floating cinema” project. The project came about in collaboration with the youth organization Mobdiun and the cultural organization Sentiers, and was funded by the Goethe-Institut Tunis and the Swiss Embassy in Tunisia. 

The project was realized together with about 20 young people from the neighborhood Le Kram. Through short exercises and experiments, the necessary steps were completed, both conceptual/performative and technical/craftsmanship. Most of the actual construction was eventually done by the youth. Only logistics, administrative organization, and safety details were handled by the project team.

In one week I will be back in Europe. After that I’m heading north again, towards Clairmarais, where I’ll be spending the summer starting from May. If you want to know more, write a mail or call me.

Until next time,

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