Hello. On this website you find the documentation of my tour de France (++) of low-tech communities and projects. On my itinerary I am visiting friends while finding places and people to work and collaborate with. 

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My work circles around questions of low-tech and community, I’m interested in exploring notions of change and moments of co-creation. For a long time I had asked myself how to translate an idealistic research into action – how do I live what I believe in? And can I sustain myself in doing so? I did something that I like to do – I built myself a tool to figure this out.

Fiat Ducato

My mobile home and atelier is a 1995 Fiat Ducato Combinato 2.5D with a high top roof. 5 month of confinement were enough to transform the car into a moving workshop with 80PS.

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If you want, you can give me financial support. I don’t have a lot of money but I can propose some things to exchange for. You can fund me on tipee: