05 - Août - Octobre 2021

Bonjour et bienvenue à ma 5ème newsletter !

September – October: Pyrénées – Poitiers – Lussas – Auvergne – Allier – Scheyern (de) – Vlieland (nl) – Xirocourt – Hérisson – Paris
En ce moment: Marseille

Rapport intermédiaire:
Kilometre reading (22. October) : 239 589 km
depuis le début du voyage (18. mars) : 8 610 km
since last newsletter (20. August): 1 687 km
compteur : 17,2 kWh

La musique la plus écoutée le mois dernier :

La suite
until December: Marseille

a good thing that happened:
When I was stuck with my car in the middle of nowhere, 2 German-speaking Italians arrived on the road a few minutes later with their 4×4 and pulled me out of the mud.

Travelling with and without a car

In August I discovered the Pyrenees, then I parked my car (aka home) behind the atelier of a friend in Poitiers where it would stay a little while. For the following 8 weeks I would not see it again, while journeying through France, Germany and the Netherlands. I went to the Lussas documentary film festival in the Ardèche, took a beautiful and emotional trip through Auvergne and Allier, and came home to Bavaria for a short visit.
Vacations were over, I took up work again on the Dutch island Vlieland, followed by a week of construction in Lorraine. A very short working break, yet again in the beautiful Allier, was followed by yet another week of construction, in Paris. Now, I am in the south of France, Marseille, freshly reunited with my car. Here I am expecting to stay (at least) 3 weeks, building a wind turbine followed by other exciting projects.

in-situ workshop with students on Vlieland

I was happy to get the chance to meet the 29 new Master students of my old study program at the Social Design department of Design Academy Eindhoven. I participated in organising a study excursion on the Dutch island Vlieland, running workshops for rapid making exercises and for hands-on construction, improvisation and in-situ work, as a way of ‘thinking through making’.

We constructed several versions of of smoke-free fire pits that were collectively built with scrap materials and improvised construction methods. They were later used to roast ‘spent grain’, a waste material from Fortuna Vlieland brewery (our collaborator and host for the trip) to make cereal bars. Vlieland (and probably all small islands) have tangible limits in ressources and local production, which makes them particularly interesting places to reconsider wastes as valuable ressources.

a separatory dry toilet in Xirocourt

With a group of motivated people we used the last week of September to finish on some unfinished projects at the association Être Éco Lié and the connected orchard Le Verger de Vincent.
Notably, a separate dry toilet, another of the modules that Pierre-Antoine and I designed earlier this year. The toilets are part of the mobile outdoor furniture which also includes a kitchen, a dishwasher and a waste collection system.

Le four est constitué d'un coffrage en bois rempli de 1,5 mètre cube de gravats et de déchets de construction, qui entourent le dôme du four et assurent, par leur masse, l'isolation et l'inertie thermique. Le banc ci-joint est construit selon le même principe.

Le toit est constitué de bardeaux fabriqués à partir de 250 canettes de bière collectées sur le site. La plupart des matériaux utilisés dans la construction ont été soit réutilisés, soit trouvés dans les environs.

a new and improved pizza oven in Paris

Last week I was in Paris, coordinating the construction of a new pizza oven for Vive Les Groues. This was the place where I built my very first oven, which was fired up on a weekly basis.
After 2 years of use, the old (improvised) pizza oven will be replaced by a new (and improved) version. Adapted in size, shape and insulation, it is constructed on a mobile ‘chariot’ with a brick skeleton, covered by the local clay-rich earth of the site.

The oven was built with volunteers that came to help with the different steps of construction. The weather was on our side, and thanks to the 15 people who came to lend a hand over the 5 days of construction, the object took shape quickly. It is now going to dry, inauguration is planned for December.

A la prochaine,

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dani making fun of his nose

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